flickr_43The iPhone camera is not the best mobile camera on the market. There are several phones with better cameras, but there is something that the Cupertino do very well: offer us devices that we can use no matter what knowledge we have on what field. The best example to understand this is the mentioned camera: almost any user of an iPhone can take good pictures in any scenario, which is why, for a year, Apple cameras are the most used on Flickr, the famous  Yahoo service/network Social picture .

As every year, Flickr has published data in which we can see which devices have been the most photos have uploaded the service. On the podium of the most used brands, Apple has climbed to the top step with no less than 47% of the photos uploaded, one point below double of the percents obtained by Canon, 24%. The third place was for Nikon, a brand that has been left with 18% of the photos uploaded to the service owned by Yahoo !.


We already know that the Apple cameras have been the most photos have been uploaded to Flickr, but the data is more revealing if we consider that 8 of the Top Ten positions of cameras most used are Apple, with the iPhone 6, the 5s and 6s in the top three positions. Not surprising that the iPhone 7 Plus is not yet on this podium since, although the portrait effect of his camera is a big step forward, only photos have been uploaded to Flickr since mid-September, which is little more than two Months at best.

In terms of device types, smartphones have gone up 48% of the photos, which has risen from 39% last year. DSLR cameras have risen just one in 4 photos, down from 31% in 2015, Point-and-Shoot cameras have risen 21% (down from 25%) and cameras without mirrors have gone up 3 % Of the photos.

Correct me if I’m wrong, I do not rule it out, but if 47% of photos uploaded to the Yahoo! photo service have been made from an Apple device and 48% have been uploaded from a smartphone, that could mean that only the 1% of photos uploaded to Flickr have been made with a phone other than an iPhone. As Flickr does not provide more detailed information, this could be so, but there is also the possibility that there are users who upload photos made with an iPad or a Mac, which does not seem to make much sense. What does seem clear is that Apple is the only major mobile phone manufacturer to appear on the list. What do you think happens with other manufacturers like Samsung?

(Source: Flickr)

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