Regarded ten days in the past, CutYourSim purposed was to unlock the iPhone (iPhone  is no longer blocked from an operator) for whole $ 169 iPhone consThis site was obviously a trick to add the unique identifier (IMEI) of an iPhone at Apple's database, but unsurprisingly, it did not last. The site claims to have unlocked 400 phones, but it is no longer able to perform the operation .


Frankly, CutYourSim do not know exactly what happened. The site did not even know who ran the désimlockage: contact, apparently in Britain, they were offered to complete the transaction for them, but abruptly stopped overnight. CutYourSim hopes to revive its business, but the future is rather bleak for the site that has already begun to repay customers.

Remember that operators  usually unlock phones  after purchase. No need to risk losing money with such an offer.

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