Apple plans to ship a brand new function so that it will replace the iOS by way of OTA (Over-The-Air), a right away wi-fi improve the instrument by way of Wi-Fi or 3G. It’s mentioned that the OTA machine for the iPhone will come from 5.1.x iOS, iOS being the newest replace by means of iTunes and the root for that device improve .


The iOS 5.1 is a package of smaller, incremental security patch. In addition, sources 9to5mac indicate thatApple and Verizon (the operator of the iPhone 4 CDMA) have been working on this new system from the beginning of the year.

Due to the requirements of bandwidth,Apple negotiated distribution agreements iOS OTA individually with mobile operators …

For those who have only used an IOS device, the OTA update system is already being used in the platform Android, Windows Phone 7, Symbian and WebOS.

In the above image is recreated an OTA update, the user receives the notification on your device and then accepting it starts the download process and update the operating system.

We can only hope to WWDC2011 to corroborate this information!

Currently …iOS updates from the beginning has been made through iTunes using a computer software, whether Mac or PC.

However, this type of update is sometimes inefficient because it requires connecting the iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch to the computer and run iTunes to learn of a new version. And, the restoration process involves iTunes download approximately 600MB to correct common small errors.

Anyway, the OTA update system should be optional and they depend on the mobile operator, could come the same problems of fragmentation, Android and his beloved …

It should be noted that currently available as part iOS this feature but only used in the Apple TV

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