iPhone Upgrade Program lets customers trade in phones through the mail



It was with the launch of the iPhone 7 when Apple introduced its iPhone Upgrade Program, a new service of the Cupertino company that allowed to replace an old iPhone with the latest model so we always have the latest smerphone. A very interesting program that made it easier to always have the last device of the company in exchange for a monthly payment that we should pay Apple.

We just had to register on the Apple website to enter the program and approach the Apple Store to make the device change year after year (or when we were interested). Now Apple wants to facilitate the change process and includes new ways to get inside the iPhone Upgrade Program. And it is no longer necessary to approach an Apple Store, now you can mail your old iPhone and get the new iPhone X or iPhone 8. After the jump we give you all the details of the new iPhone Upgrade Program.

News that arrived yesterday just before starting the Keynote of the iPhone 8. The new process is very simple: Apple will send the new device next to a package where you must leave your old iPhone, you can track at all times where it is the old iPhone to make sure it arrives at Apple’s office.


Something very interesting because it will avoid being subject to the stocks of the Apple Store, so you can have at your disposal the stock of the Apple Store Online that may be larger, and have your new iPhone X or iPhone 8 much sooner. Unfortunately the iPhone Upgrade Program is only available in the United States, France, and China; in other countries, which Apple valued, and discount us part of the price of the new iPhone X or iPhone 8. We will see if with these changes Apple decides to extend its iPhone Upgrade Program.

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