Irrespective of how loudly the novelty is introduced and the principle distinguishing parameters, a lot of them don’t encourage bizarre customers. It took place with the connection 4G LTE. forty seven% of the united statesusers mentioned they didn’t want any such excessive-velocity Web.

The find out about carried out by means of Piper Jaffray, surveyed 3000 subscribers, nearly half of of which expressed its indifference to the fourth era, this means that a 26% and didn’t in finding variations between 4G and 4G-LTE. Only 15% of respondents called 4G-LTE network is the most convenient and identified clear differences.

It is worth to mention that in the U.S., not all operators actually switched to the fourth generation WiMAX or LTE, but HSPA + rebrand
ing improved they had, calling it simply «4G». In some cases, it makes sense, because 3G-connection could eventually reach speeds greater than LTE and as close to the specification of IMT-Advanced.

Also, analysts at Piper Jaffray asked latest generation of smartphone users, whether they know who among mobile operators, the type of connection offers. 51% said they did not know, and even surprised to learn of the issue, that there are some differences in the 4G and 4G-LTE.

Among those who do know the benefits of one form of communication to another, was leading Verizon. It was his 4G-LTE consumers recognized the best connection. This is not surprising, since it is determined among Verizon subscribers as the fastest growing operator and as the most profitable in the U.S..

But all the same analysts say the overreliance on expensive smartphones promoting a negative impact on the profitability of mobile operators. Such phones like the iPhone have long term and only one in ten user
changes it every year in the updated model.


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