iPhone users, little more optimistic than Android users


Hunch.com, a website online that the pursuits of individuals after which map out new tips, boasts a distinct infographic on iPhone house owners towards Android owners. It does this by using statistics that the website gets more than 700,000 visitors who participated in the "Teach Hunch about you' research. The results? An iPhone user is more optimistic than an Android user is older, smarter, more feminine and holds more than Bauhaus in Gothic style.


iPhone users will prefer the HBO series and programs of the BBC or Discovery Channel and Comedy Central. These channels are sooo Android. 'We' are also a lot onoplettender in traffic.The chance that we load up your phone while driving sending a message, is a whopping 50 percent larger than use Android-ters. And the odds that we also use a Mac, is a whopping 100 percent. This and other striking is reflected in the information below to enlarge graph Hunch.


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