iPhone SE Vs iPhone 5s Vs iPhone 6s Waterproof Test


iPhone SE Vs iPhone 6s Vs iPhone 5s Waterproof Test

Waterproof on smartphones is a new  feature that some manufacturers are implementing on their devices, but only in the high end. Sony with its Z range, was first offered this feature that allowed us to enjoy our device at the beach or pool. Later Samsung offered this feature in the S5 model, later to remove the S6 and resume it again in her latest model d range, the S7. Meanwhile Apple has never come to offer this feature, but it seems that the last terminal has launched if they are.

There is a  video on Youtube showing a water resistance test between the iPhone 5s, iPhone SE and iPhone 6s. Since its launch, the iPhone 6s has an extraordinary resistance to water without having that spec, so many people have been released videos performing various tests to check the endurance when come to water and many are getting different results, but in most good.

Now it’s the turn of the iPhone to check if also offers resistance similar to the iPhone 6s water. As we can see in the video, the new iPhone four inches stoically resists the same time immersed in the water than the iPhone 6s, while the iPhone 5S, just hold on a little over five minutes.

Having been over an hour underwater, in the video we see as both the iPhone SE as the iPhone 6s still working perfectly, both the screen and the sound (though more attenuated in the iPhone SE). It has also been found that both the headset and the connection still work lightning, water main possible inputs to devices. (Source: Zach Straley [YouTube] )

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