Flickr yesterday released the annual statistical reports of the year 2017 from the well-known photo sharing community. These cameras are getting better and better; the technology used is of higher quality and the results have nothing to do with the popular compact cameras of yesteryear. Also, it is also true that, although it may seem that way, they do not achieve results like those offered by professional cameras. Now, what do they have in their favor? Well, we always carry the mobile in our pocket and it’s as easy as taking it out and taking the picture. And when we talk about the iPhone and the results they offer in the “Portrait” mode, better yet. Hence, the iPhone is the most popular Flickr camera.

Among these reports there are also the three rankings related to the 25 most beautiful photos of the year but also the most used devices and brands on its platform. Well once again Apple is the brand most used by users to take photographs, with an incredible 54% of photos taken from an iPhone. Following are well-known brands in the field of photography such as Canon and Nikon, which are respectively 23% and 18%.

Each year, the popular photo site where users can store their photographs; order them and even sell them, publish in their official blog the statistics of the whole year. We are in the month of December. And it’s time to review: users upload more photographs through their smart phones. To be more exact: 50% of users use smartphones to fill their photo accounts. The sector that follows them are the DSLR with 33%.


Now, to be more exact, that 50% of users who use smartphones to upload images to the Internet service, have a preferred brand. And as you have already discovered: 54% of these phones are an iPhone. What’s more, you may be thinking that it is iPhone 7 and up. But you’re wrong From Flickr tell us that the most popular iPhone are the iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S.

(source: Flickr)

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