iPhone x Generated 35% Of Total Smartphone Profits In Q4 2017


iphone-X-main-imageThe Apple iPhone X has been criticized many times, especially because it has probably lagged behind the expectations of the experts. At least as far as the smartphone profits are concerned, however, the iPhone X prevailed in Q4 2017 but against the entire competition.

The corresponding statistics go back to Counterpoint and shows which smartphones in Q4 2017 accounted for the largest share of the overall profit of the smartphone market. Here, the iPhone X was the clear leader with a share of 35 percent.

“Global handset profits declined 1% YoY, but Apple grew 1% YoY even with the iPhone X being available for only two months in Q4 2017. The iPhone X alone generated 21% of total industry revenue and 35% of total industry profits during the quarter and its share is likely to grow as it advances further into its life cycle. Additionally, the longer shelf life of all iPhones ensured that Apple still has eight out of top ten smartphones, including its three-year-old models, generating the most profits compared to current competing smartphones from other OEMs”

In general, Apple can look forward to the result, because not only the iPhone X is represented in the top 10. Rather, Apple can look at the same time on eight models in the top 10, in second place is about the iPhone 8 with a share of 19.1 percent.

handsetprofitsbymodel Also in the top 10: the iPhone 8 Plus (3rd place, 15.2 percent), the iPhone 7 (4th place, 6.2 percent), the iPhone 7 Plus (5th place, 5.0 percent), the iPhone 6 (#7, 1.6 percent), the iPhone 6S (#9, 1.6 percent) and the iPhone SE (#10, 0.9 percent).

(Source: CNBC)

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