iPhone X Pre-Orders To Start On September 15



New details about the iPhone 8, its features and release date emerge only a few days before Apple keynote.  The first rumor concerns the release dates. According to Macerkopf, pre-orders will be launched from September 15th, with availability in the store waiting for 22 of the same month. The site cites two different German operators as sources.

Last year, the iPhone 7 was released on September 7 and pre-orders started two days later. The iPhones came to the store from September 16th. As for the name, we talk about iPhone 8 or iPhone X, along with the two iPhones 7s and 7s Plus.

Returning to the price question, according to the reliable KGI, the iPhone 8 will start at $1,000 due to the expensive Samsung prices imposed on OLED screens. The front part will be formed of a flexible OLED panel, a 3D Touch module, an OLED touch panel and a module for the same panel. All components except the 3D Touch will be provided by Samsung. Since the South Korean company is the only one to be able to afford Apple sufficient quantities and quality, prices have remained very high. For each OLED unit, the price ranges between $120 and $130, when in previous years Apple spent between $45 and $55 for each LCD panel. By 2018, Apple should find a second provider for OLED screens that can offer cheaper prices.

Finally, as for the Touch ID, KGI believes it will be completely eliminated from the iPhone 8, as Apple has failed to implement it under the display. IPhone 8 will feature Face Recognition.

(Source: Macerkopf [Google Translate])

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