The iPhone X is behind a twin brother of the iPhone 8, and is that its glass back inevitably reminds us of the iPhone X, saving the differences. Even so the vertical situation of the double camera (which Apple has not yet explained) is undoubtedly a hallmark of this phone’s back. The sides are beveled in a much brighter and more metallic than he has enjoyed so far, more striking and that is a pretty interesting retro wink.

On the left side we continue to maintain the audio button to go up and down, accompanied by the sound switch that Apple has so popularized for no less than ten years. Few changes on this side and on the right, reserved for the Power /Stand By button. At the top we have absolutely nothing, while the bottom is reserved for the speaker and microphone, we forget again of any glimpse of 3.5mm Jack connector, Apple again bet on the Lightning as the epicenter of the connection .


No doubt the big difference comes on the front, all screen for the iPhone X that has a “tongue” top where all the sensors of the Face ID and TrueDepth cameras are located. Do not look for the Home button, it does not exist anymore. It is the most radical change that we could have imagined on the part of the Cupertino company, without a doubt, but its most differentiating aspect. The terminal is built in Gorilla Glass glass of last generation in both its front and rear panel, as well as a polished steel alloy, exactly the same steel that we found in previous editions of the Apple Watch, coincidentally with the same weakness, scratches. Of course, the premium and retro aspect at the same time is difficult to match, it is simply beautiful.

As for the dimensions, we have 143.3 x 70.9 x 7.7 mm for 174 grams, it is not excessively light, but taking into account the power and hardware that houses inside, it does not seem exactly heavy.

Apple A11 Bionic, the most powerful processor on the market


The iPhone X comes with the same processor as its “small” brother the iPhone 8, the A11 Bionic manufactured by TSMC with the company’s design from Cupertino, a six-core processor of similar configuration, two of them high performance called Moonson, and four other so-called Mistral, dedicated to less demanding tasks and therefore with a much lower battery consumption, in total 2.06 GHz clock and 3 GB of RAM that make it the ultimate smartphone, so much so that it gets the High scores in most performance analysis. We are undoubtedly the most top phone in the market in terms of hardware, although on paper the numbers may not convince the least purists. How could it be otherwise, to manage authentication tasks among other things, has a co-processor, the Apple M11.

In the rest of the hardware section we find many typical features that accompany the other models of the company. In terms of connectivity we have 802.11ac Wi-Fi, Bluetooth connection 5 and of course the NFC that will operate both the AirPods and the Apple Watch and the Apple Pay contactless payment system.

As it could not be otherwise, Apple has finally included Qi wireless charging technology, compatible with almost any charger of these characteristics, so you can have your double battery of nothing more and nothing less than 2.716 mAh (also with charge fast), which ends up offering the same performance as the iPhone 8 Plus in terms of autonomy. As for dust and water, something quite common in this era of telephony, we find the same certificates as in the iPhone 8, IP67 water resistance.

The most colorful screen that Apple ever mounted on a phone


Impossible to avoid putting the iPhone X next to an iPhone 8 and think that, while the iPhone 8 screen is quite good, the iPhone X plays literally in another league. The first results in different lighting conditions have left us pleasantly surprised, although in reality we have felt more like being in front of a Samsung Galaxy last generation. However, the True Tone technology that we have been able to experience in the foreground is a great favor to that panel of OLED technology. Nothing more and nothing less than 5,8 “, a total resolution of 2436 × 1125 (458 ppp) True Tone. The luminosity behaves in a more than correct way, and a very remarkable point according to our checks is the tone of the targets, a place where this type of OLED panels tend to weaken.

The colors of this screen catch you almost instantaneously, it’s another dimension. Apple has been successful in moving to this type of panels, what we do not know is how much more will be able to endure before moving the full range of devices to this technology. It is not decisive for the purchase, but what you would expect from a phone that costs more than a thousand euros. The other more striking aspect is how in such a compressed size can show so much content, the screen is not wasted at all, striking how the company of Cupertino is able to make you forget the upper tab in a few moments.

How is it to use iOS 11 on an all-screen?

I have to admit that I had my doubts, until I have not had it in my hands and I have been surprised discovering myself using all its contents without any previous instruction I did not believe it. The Home button is not present, but it is also not missed, Apple has made the biggest jump in a user interface that we have ever seen. The Control Center goes down from the upper right corner, the same happens with the Notification Center but from the upper right corner. Meanwhile the gesture of multitasking is almost instinctive, as well as the very successful application switcher from the bottom. Apple has been able to adapt iOS 11 for the iPhone X as if they were born hand in hand. Only when you stop to think about it you fall in how much time Apple has had to invest in it, and above all how accomplished it is.

The generic applications are completely adapted in such a way that you seem to be using a futuristic version of iOS, and as I said in Social Networks, welcome to the future with the new iPhone X, a smartphone undoubtedly ahead of its time, and is that in just a few moments is able to convince you that you are facing the best iPhone in history, what do I say, the best phone in history.

Face ID is here to stay, our experience with this technology

An attendee uses the Face ID function on the new iPhone X during a presentation for the media in Beijing

I must say that came with many prejudices about this new technology that Apple decided to put us with shoehorn, I discovered here as a supreme lover the Touch ID, for me one of the most important advances in the world of mobile technology in recent years . And this is how we have come before the Face ID, a face detection system that you are surprisingly able to configure with four gestures in less than twenty seconds but … how well does it work? Well, the reality is that it works very well, but it’s not perfect. Being honest I have not found much delay that we would find using for example the Touch ID, at least not enough to take it into account. The problem will come in the most unlikely situations of the day, so I would not be surprised if as a hypothetical user I would end up opting for the code system.

If we had to score the Face ID, we would certainly give it an excellent score, at least considering what the competition offers, but we will have to be aware of how the system ages and how it behaves in certain situations. However my first experience has been spectacular, we managed to unlock it even in almost unlikely positions, Apple has worked a lot on the Face ID, but perhaps the majority audience is not literally prepared for something like that.



It is clear that Apple has worked at the software level in the processing of the image. We started with the double rear camera of the iPhone X, with a quite surprising vertical arrangement and that stands out more aggressively than in the iPhone 8. Both sensors have 12 Mpx, having an aperture f / 1.8 for one of them and f / 2.4 for the other. Of course, we find quality stabilization, OIS for both sensors, one of the differences with the iPhone 8 Plus that reserves the OIS for only one of the sensors. For the best photos the best flash, True Tone of nothing less than four points of LED light. The picture is what you would expect from a high-end phone, 94 points has obtained the iPhone 8 camera and we expect nothing less for the iPhone X.

Low light performance

img_6903 img_3542 img-0571

For the front camera a not inconsiderable 7 Mpx with aperture f / 2.2 that is supported by True Depth sensors with the intention of achieving a blur effect despite having a single image sensor. With this we get one of the best selfies cameras on the market, the competition is quite far from the quality offered by Apple in terms of selfie, one of its weakest points in recent years.

As for the video recording, we will have free choice of Full HD resolution at 20, 60 and 240 FPS, as well as 4K at 24, 30 or 60 FPS, which makes it the mobile device with the best recording camera on the market, for now. Accompanied by the double stabilization system the result is frankly spectacular.


Despite my doubts from the first moment, the reality is that Apple has known to return to take my colors to make me enjoy as a child with their technology. We are facing an iPhone that is precisely everything that we have been asking Apple for years, a bold design that you will like more or less, but it is eccentric and differentiating, as well as its Face ID technology. In the section of software is where Apple was leaving more broken hearts lately, but just a few moments with the iPhone X in your hands you are worth to know that they still have the best mobile software engineers in their ranks

What you must be clear is that the iPhone X is a top device, something created for much more than to accompany your pocket, you can not buy an iPhone X because you need a phone, you must want a work of art at the design level, wish more technology pointer and feel an experience a couple of steps above the usual, no doubt using the iPhone X is to feel for a few moments in the future. But all this has a price, and Apple knows very well about it, has created a whimsical device that nobody needs but many want. If you need to convince yourself that you are facing the right terminal, this is not your terminal. If what you want is to assemble the best of the market and enjoy again with technology, you can already book it. Apple has once again changed the rules of the game, we are not in the iPhone era without more, welcome to the era of iPhone X.

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