iPhone X Successor To Cost Apple 10% Cheaper



Months before the launch of the iPhone X, there were full of rumors that pointed the phone could be the first to exceed $1,000 in its most economical version, version that in this case is 64 GB of storage. According to Tim Cook, iPhone X sales have been higher than the company’s estimates.

But, as usual, Apple never breaks down their figures, so we do not know how popular this terminal is, but if we are guided by the numbers of analysts, it really is not selling as well as the company had planned, because of its high price. But this could change.

According to Digitimes, the next generation of the 5.8-inch iPhone X will be cheaper to manufacture, so the final price of the device would not be $999 of the iPhone X model, which would help the sales that this second generation were higher than in theory showing the iPhone X.

Apple has recently determined the direction for its next-generation iPhone lineup – which will consist of two OLED-based iPhones (5.85-inch and 6.45-inch) and a 6.1-inch LCD model. Thanks to the cost reduction, Apple may position the new 5.85-inch device as the cheapest model of all three next-generation iPhone models, Lin believes.

If we ignore the rumors, Apple plans to launch next year three iPhone models: the second generation of the iPhone 5.8 inches with OLED screen, a 6.5-inch model also with OLED screen and a new model of 6.1 inches with LCD screen, this way Apple would eliminate the traditional format that has accompanied the iPhone in the last four years.

The model with LCD screen would go for those who want to enjoy a new iPhone every year, but do not want to spend a lot of money, so the idea of ​​Apple, would be to launch this model at a price of $800, being the 6.5-inch iPhone X the new flagship of the company that would come to replace the Plus model while the iPhone X would be the replacement for the current iPhone 4.7 inches.

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