iPhone X vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 8: What is the difference



Yesterday, Apple introduced the new iPhone X, along with the new iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. Apple has left us with very important news in recent years, but none like the one we see today with the iPhone X. The company has introduced a mobile where almost everything is screen, with the design that has been filtering for weeks. Now that we know all its details, we can make an iPhone X vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 8, one of the most anticipated comparisons of the year, with two devices very different from each other.

It’s only fait to compare Apple’s new star phone with another of the most important devices in the market, Note 8. Although they are totally different terminals, you may be doubting between the two, mainly because they have very similar prices.

The new design of the iPhone X is one of the best we see on the market, and even if you do not like it too much, it is an engineering work. The Galaxy Note 8 does not stay below, but without having the same percentage of screen in the front. We can not declare a winner with respect to the designs, since the tastes are not the same for all, but what is certain, is that Apple has obtained one of the most compact terminals and with greater screen of the whole market.

iphone-x-vs-galaxy-note-8-specIn terms of resolution and screen quality, currently the Galaxy Note 8 has several awards, and is listed as the best screen on a mobile, but Apple has bet heavily on the iPhone X, with an OLED panel of 5.8 inches and with the highest pixel density per inch we can see on a smartphone. We have not yet been able to test it, but it will surely leave us with incredible quality, although both will be very much on a par. Choosing one or the other is a matter of taste, since we have the best of the best in both devices and operating systems.

Apple has also introduced its new Apple A11, a processor that will be integrated into the new devices that have been introduced today. The company has created them exclusively for these devices, so their performance will be worthy of mention. In the Galaxy Note 8 we have an Exynos 8895, which also leaves us with incredible potential. It is true that Apple devices usually have extreme fluidity, but Note 8 will not stay below.

Again, we are facing two of the most powerful devices on the market, which leaves us with the usual unknown. At the moment you do not have to worry about the performance, since you are before two of the most powerful devices of the market.

In the presentation,  we have seen how the iPhone X has the cameras placed vertically, which should not affect the quality, but rather the different modes. Still have two 12-megapixel sensors, with optical zoom and portrait mode that was so fashionable a year ago. The functions have improved, and we will see more number of modes, although it remains to be seen if it is the best camera on the market. The Galaxy Note 8 has a high quality dual sensor, which also offers portrait mode and the same optical zoom, so it is expected to be very much on a par.

At the moment we can not draw conclusions, but we can say that Samsung’s camera is the best we can see in today’s market, which leaves us with very high standards.

We all knew that the iPhone X would be Apple’s most expensive to date, just like Note 8 has been on Samsung. The terminal can be purchased on November 3 starting from $999. This is about $70 more expensive than the Galaxy Note 8, a significant figure when we talk about a mobile phone.


Availability can also be a problem, since you will have to wait two and a half months to buy it, in case Apple has a good amount of the iPhone X, since there is also the possibility that the stock is small and you have to wait yet more time, so buying the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 would save you some money and you could enjoy next week.

In general we are faced with two very different devices, which have quite distant designs, with screens that have little to do, and with two completely different operating systems, yes, with both you will have the best of the market in each section.

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