No surprised that Bloomberg also confirmed the rumors about the limited availability of 6.1-inch iPhone X LCD along with some new information also on possible names.

Bloomberg also believes that in the first few weeks of the launch their one of the new iPhone models will be available , as Apple has faced a series of production problems related to the LCD panel.

In particular, the problems concerned the connections of the internal lights to the LCD screen. This has caused a strong limitation in the general supply of the device, which will therefore be available in a few units in the first few weeks of launch.

It would, however, also be a strategic choice: by releasing the cheapest iPhone with the dropper, and making it available in sufficient quantities only at the end of October, Apple would convince many users to spend a little more to buy one of the two OLED models, the whose availability is not doubted.

The iPhone Xs will be very similar to the current iPhone X, except for a larger 6.1-inch panel and the availability of different colors. Confirmed the presents of Face ID and A12 chip, but probably this model will have less RAM than the two OLED versions. In addition, the iPhone LCD may also lack 3D Touch.

As for prices, Bloomberg does not give an exact figure but speaks of a range from $699 to $849. Apple could then sell this model at prices higher than expected.

According to Gurman, the names of the three iPhones will be: iPhone Xs Max (OLED 6.5 inches), iPhone Xs (5.8-inch OLED) and iPhone Xr (6.1-inch LCD), among other things reaffirmed by other rumors in recent days. But these are names on which there are many doubts, since other voices speak of the most canonical iPhone Xs Plus, iPhone Xs and iPhone Xc. But Gurman explains that his sources are very reliable and that Apple has chosen the name “Max” to give a rejuvenation to the now old “Plus”. No explanation, however, for the possible choice of the “r” for the cheaper model, although some users have risked a hypothesis: iPhone Xr would be for iPhone X Reality, with reference to augmented reality on which Apple is increasingly aiming for .

Also according to Bloomberg, Apple Watch Series 4 will be presented on September 12, while a new 13-inch MacBook, a Mac mini pro and the new iPad Pro could be presented in a new event scheduled for late October.

(Source: @VenyaGeskin1 [Twitter])

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