Mixpanel published data confirm the good performance of the iPhone XR since in December it surpassed the iPhone XS in terms of use by users all over the world.

After its launch late compared to the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, the iPhone XR has recovered ground, up to exceed the XS model at the end of December. Mixpanel data measures access to thousands of websites, thus representing the uses of various devices and not the number of smartphones sold. However, this is very indicative data on the diffusion of the various terminals.

In the first place among the new iPhone is the Max model with 3.65% of accesses, followed by the iPhone XR at 3.02% and the iPhone XS at 2.89%. The iPhone XS lost ground right after the XR came out, a sign that users see the two smartphones as alternatives, while the iPhone XS Max could be surpassed in January.

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