iPhone XS And XS Max Drop Test

Each time a new device arrives on the market, it is subjected to different resistance tests to check how delicate or resistant the Apple phone is. The new iPhone models, the XS and XS Max are no exception. This past weekend, the SquareTrade company has carried out different resistance tests to check both the resistance of the glass and the IP68 certification.

According to Apple in the keynote of presentation of the new iPhone models, both the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max use the toughest glass that has been used in the construction of a smartphone. In addition, they also offer IP68 certification, which allows us to swap the iPhone for 2 meters for approximately 30 minutes.

In the tests that SquareTrade has done, we see how the liquids test has been successfully passed. However, the most resistant glass has not prevented it from breaking to fall on a hard surface. The iPhone XS only needed a test from a height of two meters for the glass to break completely, showing small fragments of glass around it.

The result for the iPhone XS Max was the same, breaking the rear window after falling from the same height. The stainless steel frames that Apple uses, protected both devices in the test of lateral fall, however, the frontal fall, glass against the ground, caused the break in both terminals.

In this same test, while the screen of the iPhone XS showed a malfunction, the iPhone XS Max was still allowing us to use the terminal without any problem if we do not take into account the pieces of glass that had detached from it after the drop.

SquareTrade also wanted to check the water resistance of the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max, summing them for 30 minutes in a tank filled with 138 cans of beer. The test was conducted with beer since it was the liquid that Apple mentioned in the last keynote. Both the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max survived the prolonged beer bath by being fully operational, thus confirming Apple’s claim regarding IP68 certification.

This company assigned to each iPhone a score called Breakability score (a word that does not exist but that you all understand), taking into account the performance in each of the tests as shown in the image above. While the iPhone XS obtained a score of 86, classified as High Risk, the iPhone XS Max obtained a score of 70, classified as medium risk.

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