iPhone X has raised controversy for its design decisions, but right now the issue that it is causing headaches and eye strain to some users, although it seems a very small percentage.

Upon release, the iPhone X surprised some people by its large number of developments, but almost everyone ignored that implemented Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) on its screen, which can generate headache and visual fatigue.

PWM is used in the iPhone X to regulate the brightness of the screen, but it causes flickers in the image at different frequencies. It is not the first time that strange errors are detected in the panels of the iPhone X but, fortunately, this affects a few people.

Those sensitive to blinking (usually not perceived) suffer symptoms such as headache or eyestrain. The iPhone 8, on the other hand, does not include PWM, so it’s not a problem.

This subject was denounced in Reddit by MichalesD01, although certain users already suffer the inconvenience for years with the MacBook, and rival smartphones such as Samsung Galaxy or Google Pixel also use Pulse Width Modulation.

In Android you can avoid the headache and visual fatigue by performing root, but it is not clear if in the case of Apple it would be possible to eliminate PWM (it is implemented by hardware) or even if the company itself launched an update.

The brand has obtained good results last quarter, and it is unlikely that a failure that affects few people will harm you. But if your iPhone X gives you a headache or visual fatigue when looking at it, maybe you should change to another mobile, like an iPhon

[Via Reddit]

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