iPhone XS Max vs Google Pixel 3 XL Speed Test


The new Google Pixel 3 XL started to appear in stores to compete with the Apple iPhone XS Max smartphone. So which smartphone is faster? Find out below.

Google can make smartphones with great cameras, but when it comes to performance, there is a lot to learn from Apple. iPhone XS Max simply disgraced Pixel 3 XL in the application test for download speed. It took 1 minute and 46 seconds for the iPhone XS Max, while the Pixel 3 XL took 2 minutes and 2 seconds.

The sluggishness of the Pixel 3 XL in the first round could be forgiven if, in the second round, the phone managed to do a little better. The second round, the test was to load already running applications from RAM.

Pixel 2 XL had problems with multitasking, and the same goes for the new Pixel 3 XL. Judging by the video above, Pixel 3 XL kept in memory only 3 applications, and all the rest were closed. Because of this, the iPhone XS Max managed more than a minute faster. For the first time in a long time, the new smartphone showed itself so badly in the speed test.

The tests were performed several times and the results remained the same. This shows that Google made a mistake without adding 6GB of RAM to Pixel 3 XL. This would greatly improve the multitasking of the smartphone.

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