iPhone XS Users Report About Skin-Smoothing Selfie Camera


Reports have been coming out on the Internet from the iPhone XS and the XS Max users in which they expressed concern that the images captured with the selfie camera have a smoothing effect on the face, a result the famous “beauty filter” which is usually a very popular option in current mobile cameras, only there is no way to turn off or disable this effect on the iPhone XS.

There is a large number of people users reported on Reddit, in which they compare a captured image with the iPhone X front camera against one captured with the iPhone XS.

Even the famous YouTuber, Lewis George Hilsenteger from Unbox Therapy channel, has reported that he also witnesses this situation with the front camera of his iPhone XS Max, showing the comparison of the photos he has captured in his video.

The photographs come out as if the subject was wearing makeup or porcelain skin. An image that does not represent at all the reality that the users wish to see in their selfies, or in any case, an effect that they only wish to use as an optional and not as a permanent condition of the image processing.

To date, Apple has not made any statement about it. But comparisons of photographs captured even with an iPhone 6 suggest that those captured with the iPhone XS are subjected to processing that softens facial textures.

Is it possible that the geniuses of Apple came up with hiding a permanently active beauty filter in the front cameras of their iPhone XS thinking that no one would notice? If this is confirmed, it could be a blow to the credibility of the world’s most profitable company.

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