First reviews dedicated to the new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Plus have been published: high-end camera, superior audio quality but nothing to justify the purchase for those who already have an iPhone X unless you want a screen giant.


Mashable confirms that the only reasons to switch from iPhone X to one of the new Apple smartphones are the improvements to the camera and the larger screen of the Max.

The time has come for us to look beyond the surface of the iPhone — they’re all gonna look like the iPhone X from here on out. Maybe the notch and the bezels shrink over the next couple of years, but the real game-changing innovations are all happening inside. So start paying more attention to them, because they’re “boring” but will increasingly matter more. market.

New York Times

The NY Times is convinced that the iPhone XS Max will convince even the most skeptical, thanks to its huge and high-quality OLED screen. The problem is portability:

These devices pass many times a day from the pocket to our hands and I do not like compromises in terms of portability and comfort. I never liked the Plus line phones, but I have to say that this Max impressed me and could for the first time convince me to buy such a big smartphone.

my advice is to try it before proceeding with the purchase because the dimensions are still very generous.

Tech Radar

Tech Radar says the iPhone XS is an update of the iPhone X and recommends waiting for the iPhone XR; especially for those who want to spend less.

The iPhone XS is, of course, the best smartphone that Apple has ever created – and it’s no surprise since it’s the new flagship iPhone. However, the question is whether Apple has done enough to make this device the most attractive ever, even in relation to many high-end Android smartphones. The iPhone XS is good enough in many aspects, but it is nothing more than an update compared to the X version of 2017 and does not redefine the market in the way it did last year’s phone: the main news concerns the camera, with the Smart HDR function that makes the difference.

Many could benefit from waiting for the iPhone XR, which will have a lower camera, but also a larger screen of the XS and similar performance.

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