iPhone XS , XS Max On iOS 12 Refuse To Charge Via When In Sleep Mode


Some iPhone XS and the XS Max users running iOS 12 on their devices have been reporting in Apple forums, on Reddit, and Unbox Therapy YouTube channel that their devices are not charging the battery when they connect via Lightning cable while they are in sleep mode (with the screen off). The equipment does not start charging until it is “awakened” (until the screen is turned on) and even in the worst case it is necessary to reconnect the cable. This faulty issue has been named #ChargeGate.

This can result in a very inconvenient problem if a user connects his phone at night and in the morning realizes that the battery did not charge at all.

So far Apple did not give any statement about this failure. It is assumed that the origin of the problem could be related to the recent update of the iOS 12 operating system since reports of the same failure have arrived on some iPads and previous iPhones.

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Wireless charging does not seem to have any problem. So for the time being, it is recommended to use wireless charging or when connecting the Lightning cable always verify that the device’s screen is on and show that the battery charging process has started.

When it comes to the software flaw, it will be a matter of time before Apple announces the release of an update to fix it.

(Video source: Unbox Therapy [YouTube])

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