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iPhone XS and XS Max Camera And A12 Chips

Consumer Reports: iPhone XS and XS Max Camera And A12 Chips Improvements

A few days after the commercialization of the new iPhone XS and XS Max, we finally begin to take stock of the news and...
iPhone XS And XS Max Drop Test

iPhone XS And XS Max Drop Test Results

Each time a new device arrives on the market, it is subjected to different resistance tests to check how delicate or resistant the Apple...
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First iPhone XS Max Impressions

This is the first Apple iPhone with the largest screen in history. After years maintaining that the iPhone should have an adequate size to...

First Reviews Of The iPhone XS, XS Max

First reviews dedicated to the new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Plus have been published: high-end camera, superior audio quality but nothing to justify...
iPhone Xs and iPhone Xr Cameras

iPhone Xs and iPhone Xr Cameras: What is new!

Apple improved the iPhone cameras. But what do specifications look like on the three 2018 iPhones? All about the improvements of the iPhone 2018...

Apple Announced The iPhone Xr

The iPhone Xr can be seen as a cheaper version of the iPhone X. It has approximately the same design as the former top...

Apple Unveiled The iPhone Xs And Xs Max

Apple officially announced the iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and Xr. The iPhone Xs is based on the existing iPhone X but offers a number...

iPhone Xs Max Is The Name Of The 2018 Apple 6.5-inch Model

According to a new and reliable report, the name of the 2018 6.5-inch Apple smartphone could be iPhone Xs Max. Last...

2019 iPhone Will Not Feature In-Display Fingerprint Sensors

Face ID was appeared last year with the introduction of the iPhone X. While Apple is planing on releasing three iPhones this year, there...

This Is What Next Apple’s iPhone XS Will Look Like

Apple has officially announced the date of the next highly anticipated keynote from a few hours, however, some images that seem to leave no...

Rare iPhone Prototype Model Up For Sale For $13K

On eBay appeared a very rare piece of the first-gen iPhone. In a few hours, the offers went up to $12,100  but since there...

2018 iPhones Pre-orders To Take Place On September 14

Pre-orders for the iPhone 2018 line-up should start on September 14, according to internal information that Apple shared with some German Carriers.

6.5-inch iPhone X To Have Landscape Mode

It seems that the 6.5-inch iPhone X model will have the option of landscape or horizontal mode that the iPad has today. The latest beta released by Apple is giving a...

2018 iPhone Could Be Presented On September 12

The past years has been an indicative that the 2018 iPhone will be presented on September 12th and will go on sale later that month. iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhine 8...