iPhones To Feature Foldable Displays Manufactured By LG



Samsung is one of the longest working companies in folding screen. Over the years, it shows us how you want it to be the smartphone of the future, and for it has registered a large number of patents related to folding screen. According to ET News reports, the LG-created company has also been researching in this regard has developed a prototype folding OLED panel, a panel that has apparently attracted the attention of Apple, Microsoft and Google, who could implement it and its future devices , Whether mobile or portable.
All rumors suggest that Apple could start using OLED panels with the launch of the next iPhone, either the 7s, 8 or 10 (by the tenth anniversary may Apple give us a surprise with the iPhone nomenclature). Samsung and LG have been fighting to manufacture these panels but apparently LG is the one that has taken the cat to water and will be responsible for its manufacture.

At the moment the prototype that LG has shown to this consortium, has a very high price to manufacture, but as technology advances, the cost of manufacturing will be reduced and can be implemented in most devices. What strikes me most about this supposed prototype is that we are not aware that LG has registered any device that allows to fold the screen, as if it has done Samsung and Apple in recent months.

We do not know if this association of companies is because they want to face the almighty Samsung in this field, or Samsung does not want to manufacture for third parties to have exclusive, at least in the early years, monopoly devices with folding screens , Something that surely would make them catch a large number of new customers interested in it.

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