iPhoto 9.2 and Aperture 3.2 with support Photostream


In the meantime, Apple would most probably set a document for the biggest obtain visitors have complete in a day, as a result of these days en masse has launched updates to their device.During the night was once additionally an replace for iPhoto sharing to obtain and as a result will get iPhoto 9.2, the corresponding icloud respectively Photostream connection.


 Through the photostream are shot photos or screenshots on your equipment delivered directly to iPhoto, and can be edited there.In addition to the latest version also supports the Aperture photo stream function of icloud.

The complete description of the update for iPhoto 9.2 follows after the break:

  • Gestures for the left and right Wipe can now be used to navigate between photos in the enlarged view (one).
  • Previously imported photos are now displayed in their own section in the Import window.
  • Topics for books and calendars and categories for tickets can now be selected using a pop-up menus in the carousel view.
  • Resolves an issue where some pages of a book may not have been printed correctly.
  • When creating a library which saved slideshows, and books are now being applied correctly.


After that is the story for Aperture 3.2:

  • The message "Load" was in the viewer during the cropping of a photo to appear again.
  • Aperture will start automatically in full screen mode when the program was last used in full-screen mode.
  • The gesture of the zoom mode will automatically enable this in the viewer.
  • The gestures for the left and right Wipe can now be used to navigate between photos in the viewer.
  • Microsoft Outlook can now be selected in the settings of Aperture as an e-mail program to send the photos.
  • Aperture was running Mac OS X Lion quits unexpectedly when brushes were used to apply customizations.
  • The magnifying glass shows the magnification values ​​between 50 – 100% correctly.
  • Aperture on Mac OS X Lion was the wrong color profile of machined external display images.
  • The "Import" now has an option to delete the images after importing from iPhone and iPad into Aperture.
  • The tool "Lift & Stamp" now shows the correct pointer icons in the mode for "Split View" and "Viewer".
Both updates are highly recommended and should be carried out by all owners


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