The day before today Apple unveiled the brand new iPad built-in with options akin to iPhoto simple to make use of picture enhancing for a more cost effective worth , iMovie, iLife, GarageBand  for iOS. Users got their hands on the new photo management interface.



 iPhoto  iOS version used cards are clearly different from the Mac OS X version, but it's not just about the visual aspect, but also some data are slightly different, it makes it easy to share photos to various photos services and social networds. Locations are not exactly displayed the same places on the cards. Only few features come with the mobile version.


The iOS app is really good. required to have an iPhone 4 / 4S, iPad 2 or higher to have it run smoothly. Images can be edited fast and be used with Auto enhance, Effects, Brushes, contrast tools, White balance, etc…It has just enough to have a decent pictures enhancement.



Journals, a smart organizational selection allowing to share pictures in many different ways, including the share webpage option and make a slideshows on the go.



At the same time, Apple iWorks applications already been developed for the iPad,  got an update. The software for office applications has been  visually improved. The price remains $10 for iWorks app.

Furthermore, the music application GarageBand support more instruments and received icloud support. There is also a feature up to four iPads to work together in making music with the mobile device. iMovie has been updated and now allows users to include trailers and supports 1080p resolution. 

For $4.99,  Apple offered  an incredible aand cheap app for iOS devices.


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