iPod touch ahead of web traffic on all Windows Phone and BlackBerry smartphones


ipod touchDespite the fact that many analysts believe iPod withering business – selling players , they say, has been steadily declining – the amount of traffic with “apple” gadget shows that in reality is not so bad . According to research by Opera Mediaworks, Internet traffic alone touch iPod touch exceeds the volume of traffic from all the smartphones on Windows Phone and BlackBerry combined.

According to analysts , iPod touch generates 3.15 % of the global web traffic. Little enough , when you consider that all the Apple gadgets have to 38.17 %. However, it is worthwhile to compare these figures with those of other platforms. For example, BlackBerry smartphones accounted 1.14 % of global traffic, and on the operating system Windows Phone – only 0.18 %.

Be that as it may , iPod sales has been declining for several years. Apple players were once one of the main items of revenue corporation, but even CEO Tim Cook said that now this part of the business is on the decline . In 2008, Apple earned on devices 8 billion dollars in 2013, this figure was already 5 billion last major update line iPod touch was in the autumn of 2012, since players only get software updates.

Rumors that Apple « slash ” line of players that are not the first and main contender – iPod Classic. The current model , introduced in 2009 , is equipped with a hard disk of 160 GB, which allows you to store on the device to 40,000 music tracks and podcasts. While other versions have a much smaller capacity , their development for Apple promising .

However, some evidence suggests that , in Cupertino do not plan to stop issuing players and even going to develop this area. In particular, not so long ago the company opened job program manager of new products and quality testing engineers in the team iPod. In addition , the volume of players is not so small, and the Apple produces other products with limited demand – routers AirPort, Apple TV set-top box , etc.

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