Those who have a jailbrokendevice are probably wondering whether or not they want to keep the jailbreak should not update to iOS 8 today. It ‘good to make sure you have the iOS 7.1.2 , which is the latest version installed and jailbroken with the tool Pangu. Once Apple  releases the iOS 8, the signature to the iOS 7.1.2 firmware will be closed, this means that you will forced to upgrade to iOS 8 if you need to restore you device. For this reason all those who want to restore their devices are forced to carry out the operation before the release of iOS 8 . Another thing to do is to avoid synchronization with iTunes. Once iOS 8 becomes available sync iTunes to download and install the latest firmware available.



When you make a major update is good idea to make a backup. The backup can be done via iTunes or via the Apple iCloud Cloud system. To perform a backup using iTunes, you need to connect your iDevice to your computer, open iTunes and click on “Backup Now” and wait for the program to complete its job. To back up to iCloud need to access the menu Settings> iCloud> Backup and activate the check; & then you need to press “Backup Now” and wait in this case until  the operation will be completely done.

Once you have made a backup of your device; You can then reset during configuration of the device.


Starting today, Apple made it available to upgrade to iOS 8 in their server. The availability to upgrade, knowing the efficiency of the house of Cupertino, should be almost immediate, and the user may, then update via OTA, The Overt Air. To update, just go under settings, go to General item and then ress on “Software Update.” The ultim step is simply to wait for the completion of the upgrade. You can update through iTunes. Before upgrading, it’s good practice to check that the space on the device is sufficient to enable the download of the update file.


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