is the first iPhone 4S device with Bluetooth 4.0?


The announcement of the iPhone 4S stayed a few facts and tidbits underexposed. It was some time said that the iPhone 4S would support Bluetooth 4.0, but the true impact was not really addressed.It was whispered that Bluetooth 4.0 Apple's answer to ever NFC could be and that we can expect dramatic announcements. But what is it exactly?


Bluetooth 4.0 offers certainly much lower power consumption, thanks to the low power status. A device with Bluetooth 4.0 could even years on a single coin cell battery in standby mode can stand.

It does not mean that the battery life of the iPhone Bluetooth 4.0 4S spectacular increases are introduced, because ultimately, Bluetooth is just one of many features. Bluetooth 4.0 was already supported on the latest MacBook Air and Mac mini.You would soon be able to communicate your iPhone with your computer at a distance of 50 meters. The range is much larger than normal Bluetooth devices such as headsets, often at a distance from 10 meters drop.


The comparison with NFC is not entirely out of place, because developers may use it to make payments. Previous Bluetooth and Wi-Fi protocols lot of energy. Bluetooth 4.0 does not, and is used for example by Casio watches at a short distance to communicate with a computer without the battery. You can also do location determination inside a building or use it for sports and medical applications. Attributes such as Nike + sports would work with Bluetooth 4.0. Bluetooth headsets are less clear.

The Bluetooth SIG has the iPhone 4S prominently on the front page of the website. It is the first mobile phone with Bluetooth 4.0 but it will end 2011 more to follow. At the end of 2012, almost all smart phones Bluetooth 4.0 supporting the Bluetooth SIG expects. Besides the iPhone 4S, the Mac mini and the MacBook Air called the organization, the Dayton Heart Rate Monitor you around your chest during exercise to make your heart rate monitor. This unit is in production and can connect to the phones later this year on the market. Thanks to Low Power mode, these devices (heart rate monitors, blood pressure monitors, thermometers), much less energy, less than half the "classic" Bluetooth.

The new variant has a lower latency (from 100 ms to 6 ms), making it more suitable for multimedia. The signal is more stable and security has improved. Manufacturers of new Bluetooth chips Texas Instruments, Broadcom, Atheros and CSR. It is not yet known which manufacturer Apple in the arm, but this will be apparent soon enough when the first iPhones at iFixit repair companies owned.

Good to know: your current Bluetooth with iPhone 4S accessories will also continue to work.

More info: Bluetooth SIG

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