Is the iPhone 4S really Better than the iPhone 4


All over the keynote October four, Apple has persisted to hammer the iPhone 4S used to be rather more highly effective than the iPhone four. However what it in point of fact? Our American colleagues Pocket Now have wished to ensure.


The U.S. site has produced a series of tests to verify the statements of the firm at the apple. Both iPhone and have been face to face on the speed of startup, application launching, the fluidity in the game or on the web.

Fortunately, in general, the iPhone 4S is faster than its predecessor. Quicker to start, more fluid in games (expected anyway with the new processor A5), the difference remains less marked for testing web. The 4S seems slightly faster but the 3G test runs clearly to the advantage of the iPhone 4. This test is to qualify for the local server was not the same for the iPhone and the iPhone 4S 4.

Here is the full video of the test.



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