Apple watch dock

Apple watch dock

Apple’s new video shows perhaps a not-yet-known accessory for the Apple Watch. If you look at the video again, you will see at 0:27 seconds, the Apple Watch on the unknown object. Accordingly, the Apple Watch can be upped the ante and is held in place by a magnet.

One might think that this could simply involve the normal Charger. However, significant differences can be seen. Thus, the charging station shown in the video is apparently made of plastic and shines in a bright white. In contrast, the included charging cable is housed in metal optics.

As we have seen in the last Apple video, where the commitment and efforts to respect the environment that makes the company were discussed, at a certain point you can clearly see an Apple Watch on a sort of circular base, clearly seems to be a dock charger. Also in that little second that shows the accessory is preceded by a loading screen smartwatch, making clear that the deposit begins charging.

It is possible that this is a station or dock that can be used to charge the SmartWatch. It is conceivable that the Dock additional weights and a rubber coating on the bottom has to stabilize the Apple Watch.

It is not clear that Apple is indeed planning such an accessory for its SmartWatch. In view of the increasing number of expectant range of Apple Watch Accessories third-party Apple but could eventually expand its product portfolio.

The dock shown in the video may have promotional purposes or be released later as an accessory
Is not yet clear what will happen with this dock, because although it is true that Apple has its own line of official accessories including docking stations for iPhone and iPad are-at a dock for Apple Watch would all sense of the world, perhaps the only accessory has been designed specifically for video promotional purposes.

In any case, as 9to5Mac mentioned, it seems that we should not worry us with a charging base for our Apple Watch, as a large number of manufacturers have already been put to work to bring us many alternatives of which I speak soon

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