Is this the new MacBook Air? Both 11.6 and 13.3-inch models coming next week?


If everybody was once proper, then Apple may just unveil its new MacBook Air on October twentieth or Wednesday. And inevitably, many sounds swell hall on the internet in contemporary weeks. To can help you see slightly clearer, here’s a checklist of essentially the most credible rumors that we are able to in finding. However watch out, for the reason that latter is just not essentially exhaustive, eh …



So naturally, if you've heard a rumor and that it does not appear here, please report it in the comments of this article. For the rest, this is what may well provide the next MacBook Air:

  • Core2Duo processor. Inevitable I think to keep a good battery and to avoid generating too much heat. Power issue, this type of processor is more than enough for Mac OS anyway.
  • A 11.6-inch model. This is probably accompanied by another 13.3-inch model a tad more expensive. Anyway, it would be a good way for the firm to position itself on the market of ultra mobility and offer an inexpensive solution.
  • A disk or SSD array. The bar already exists and DSS offers a number of advantages among which include a small footprint. And when you produce a machine as small and as thin, the space occupied by the components is a point to consider.
  • A battery more independent. By integrating an array SSD, the firm could earn a bit of space and opportunity to offer a larger battery gives the machine greater autonomy. That said, do not expect miracles.

I also think that new MacBook Air would be satisfying with a strip of 2 GB soldered directly to the motherboard. For the rest, and much patience,…

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