iSSLfix ​​fixes security issue SSL certificates on Jailbroken iPhone


The iOS four.three.four and four.three.5 updates&#one hundred sixty;&#one hundred sixty;launched no new options however customers elevated safety.&#one hundred sixty;For iPhone, iPod contact or iPhone untethered&#one hundred sixty;to jailbreak, many customers choose to proceed the use of IOS four.three.three or previous.&#one hundred sixty;Fortuitously, you don’t on the price of the safety of your iDevice.&#a hundred and sixty;The IOS patch four.three.four of the PDF which operates&#a hundred and sixty; use of it was in the form of PDF Patcher 2 is already available (even before Apple released 4.3.4 IOS). Now it is
also possible to iSSLfix ​​the security issue SSL certificates to solve without having to leave IOS 4.3.5 to install.


The tweak of iSSLfix ​​@ 0naj (aka jan0) has two components: first is a patch for the SSL vulnerability present in IOS 4.3.4 and earlierWithout this security, you risk that an attacker traffic over a secure connection (HTTPS / SSL) is sent to intercept, allowing for example banking or accessing your e-mail no longer reliably take place. ISSLfix ​​also contains a blacklist containing the forged SSL Certificates from Comodo fo
r older IOS versions before 4.3.2.


ISSLfix ​​order to install via Cydia, you have to Expert mode. You can do this by going to Manage, followed by going Packages and right upper pressing Simple . After installing iSSLfix ​​you will need to enter a reboot and you can then check your iPhone, iPod touch or iPhone is still vulnerable to the security issue with SSL certificates through the website your unit to visit. As shown below warning you see is the security and success you can expect the warning when an attack would be implemented.


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