ITC determines that Microsoft’s Xbox Doesn’t Violate Motorola Patent



Experts claim that the patent lost cause from Microsoft became the overnight victory. Motorola Mobility, a subsidiary of Google had a formal complaint against Microsoft after the company detected the Xbox violated a patent owned by them would mean a resounding slap to the company behind the Windows operating system.

But because of the overnight, Judge David Shaw, who last year said that Motorola was able to verify that Microsoft used without permission of Motorola patents around the way the Xbox communicates with its accessories, has made a review where now gives reason to Microsoft.

It is believed that in part, the Google deal he had with the International Trade Commission on fines scandal around that Google could force Apple Safari to accept cookies for tracking and dismiss any process with the company, has greatly affected the case and not only that, everything happens tools ITC judge had ordered Shaw to review its original decision.

Microsoft said to be pleased with the decision while Google said they were disappointed inside and await the complete overhaul of the commission.


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