iTether Turn your iPhone into a modem without Jailbreak


Wish to revel in your iPhone 3GS to surf the Web out of your laptop? Here’s a new relayed via our colleagues at Wired , which should delight everyone! For those that frightens the jailbreak, there is now a legal solution, allowing you to share your Internet connection and transform your iPhone into a modem. Finally "legal" … not quite (discussed later!). The application that allows you to change your iPhone into hotspot called iTether .


To do this, you need the application to Mac or PC , and the application for the iPhone iOS, but also a USB cable to connect your iDevice to your computer. Within seconds you will have the 3G connection on your iPhone to your computer!


Note that some French users of iTether  had the unpleasant surprise to see their way blocked by the modem operator Orange will display on the browser page advertisement … for a subscription to the own service connection sharing! Some users MyWi, the equivalent of iTether iPhone unsealed, have had this kind of message. This applies to your servant who has received, but only once!

For those who have already tried the first connection to servers iTether  can be laborious (the service would be a victim of its success), but in the end the connection is very good quality and flows very honorable! Feel free to experiment iTether and give us your review of this application! It will always be cheaper opting for a hotspot subscription with your operator. However, the latter being able to detect the modem mode on your iPhone, it may choose to reduce your Internet speed …

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