Installing iMovie on the iPhone 3G and iPod Touch with IOS 4


It’s superb what may also be carried out with small adjustments in configuration recordsdata. Redmondpie ported has iMovie, iPhone unique software of 4, units 3S iPhone / iPod toucht with iOS 4 installed. Take into account that iMovie, as Jobs is most effective appropriate with the iPhone in April because of its huge reminiscence, 512MB of RAM.



iMovie works perfectly in the iPhone 3Gis fast and runs as normal. To achieve the performance of iMovie simply need to download the application, edit the Info.plist file and change the orientation of the camera forward – bring it to false. And besides, the minimum system version 3.0.0 to run on the previous firmware – IPAD!

Then a summary of the instructions to modify and install iMovie on the iPhone 3G.

– Buy and download iMovie from iTunes

With this small change and iMovie can run on any iPhone / iPod Touch that IOS  4 is  installed.

Then, making other changes, it is possible to run iMovie on an Apple device that does not have the IOS 4. iMovie in the IPAD!

– Get the key LSMinimumSystemVersion and assign the string 3.0.0

<key> LSMinimumSystemVersion </ key>

<string> 3.0.0 </ string>

Ready, that’s all. Now just compress the folder. zip and change the extension. ipa

– Finally, sync the file using iTunes.

Problems occurred during synchronization, you must have the iPhone / IPAD to jailbreak and use the application Installous to install a modified version of the file. Lpa

In this case, things get a little complicated. You m
ust have OpenSSH installed additionally.

– Using Cyberduck on Mac or WinSCP on Windows to transfer the file. ipa to the next location

/ Private / var / mobile / Documents / Installous / Downloads

– Install the application transferred to your iPhone / IPAD using Installous

This is a guide for educational purposes up to you to use.




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