iTunes eleven is extra than simply an replace



Yesterday Apple announced a new version of iTunes 11 multimedia processor.For most users, the iPhone and iPad – this is the long-awaited new November. Company was going to let the music application in the beginning of the month, but for unknown reasons, postponed the announcement of the end of November. But now, iTunes is very stable.Eleventh version got a lot of updates and additions for which the company should be commended.


ITunes interface in general is simpler, clearer and more effective. Now, the program reminds the application “Music” on iPad, focusing primarily on the album – after all, most of all, we listen to music exactly albums. Boring points on the right and the left went to the context menu, and the pages and windows – in tabs and folders. The program has got a beautiful silver concave stripes at the top, which shows the artist, the title track, a miniature album cover, as well as mixing and redo buttons that used to be at the bottom. To the left of all this beauty perched neatly pause and rewind buttons, volume slider and a button to enable or disable AirPlay, which had also at the bottom. Almost everything right as before, except that there is a new button Mini Player.

Incidentally, the Mini Player too much has changed. He is probably the most innovative thing in iTunes. Mini Player of the now much easier to fully control your music, finding and displaying artists and albums, and songs. Interface is more intuitive and enjoyable, for that matter, the entire iTunes 11.


Another major change in the program – a new album folder. Now the application does not throws you into a new window, where only a quarter of the space occupied list of songs. In iTunes 11, all works in the same folders in iOS. That is, when you click on an album, the application displays a list of the songs in the folder drop-down on the left and right cover. Not only that, the player himself picks colors folder, focusing on the album cover. So, if the cover is made, for example, in the blue-violet tones, the songs and the album title will be blue, and purple numbers. It looks amazing.

Sidebar moved to context menu. Now navigate between music, videos, programs, books and other things will be done through the upper left corner of the screen. Yet for those who are without the sidebar can not, it is possible to include it in View -> Sidebar. There you can configure the display of the various interface elements iTunes.

Eleventh iTunes got a new chip-menu called “Next.” Call it by clicking on the button with three metal strips at the top of the screen. It allows you to see the songs that go after the executable. You can change the order of tracks, and add songs to a playlist from there. Add the music to the menu by opening the album, and then clicking on the arrow next to the song and – “Add to Next”. The same menu allows you to display the history of listened songs, like the “Journal” in the browser.

Any song you can easily add to the playlist. To do this, “drag” it with the mouse to the side will display a menu with a list of playlists and then just throw it in the proper list.

The new iTunes, iPhoto like a change of fonts. Standard Lucida Grande replaced with Helvetica. This font is used in iOS.

Also in the top of the eye is drawn to a button with a cloud iCloud. This iTunes Match. Button becomes active only in the case of inclusion of service.

Cover Flow mode completely disappeared from the new version of the music player. With him, it seems, you can say goodbye. Perhaps, at a pace it can disappear from all applications and devices Apple.

Video section Apple also updated. Now, on a similar principle as in music, information about the film opens in the folders. Now position the film for viewing synchronized via iCloud with all devices. Also visible on other devices purchased videos from the store iTunes.

Greatly transformed  the device window in iTunes. Even the button, which takes you to the menu of the device moved up next to the iTunes Store. The page itself is also transformed.You will no longer see the image on the iPhone or other gadget on the left, the picture has now become flat. Next to it you can see the amount of memory, the charge as a percentage, the proposal to update the firmware, if available, as well as serial and mobile phone number, if it is iPhone. Below you can find the backed up settings. Add a button to create a backup to iCloud without synchronization device. Even lower is the modified memory indicator.

The other tabs have not changed. Is that the “Program”. Now there are no ticks, there is a button “Install” and “Delete”. But I would like to draw attention to a new tab “on this iPhone».Here you can add content to your device directly from your library, which is very convenient.

Online store iTunes Store also changed. Now everything is done according to the add-in operating system iOS 6. Also available is a function of “History”, the purpose of which is clear from the title.


Surprise new feature scans gift-cards directly through the camera of your Mac . This novelty will please owners of gift cards.



Do you adore the brand new “good” search. It shows the consequences, sorting them by means of songs, albums, artists, and extra. It seems very good.

What will also be mentioned after assembly with iTunes eleven – must be obligatory for obtain. A brand new model of the interface has acquired quite a few adjustments, starting from colour schemes and ending performance and additions.

iTunes eleven is put in on the Mac from the menu “Replace” within the Mac App Retailer or on unique Apple pagesAdditionally to be had for Home windows.

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