Apple would have began with the inner distribution of iTunes 11. These sources tell that Apple rumors on 9to5Mac website. iTunes 11 would icloud better integrate and iOS 6 support. Earlier we heard that between the summer and autumn both the App Store and the iTunes Store will change considerably. May happen that in this new version of iTunes.


iTunes 11 supports according to the sources iOS 6, but this does not mean that Apple’s new iTunes version and the new version of iOS at the same time will bring. Possibly, Apple releases first update for iTunes 10 when iOS 6 available, as they did last year with iOS 5

With icloud a prominent place in the settings screen in iTunes 11 to give, it would be possible to the cloud service in detail to establish. According to 9to5Mac will at least match iTunes, iTunes in the Cloud and icloud backups can be found here.

In February we heard for the first time that the App Store and iTunes Store get a fresh new look. Apple, the music labels have brought changes in vague terms. The changes of the iTunes Store would make it easier to compete with Spotify for example. Although the changes are not directly cited in the stories about iTunes 11, it seems not unlikely that the new stores in the iTunes versions will debut.


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