Apple engaged on revamping solely the  new iTunes eleven model that brought the sharing capabilities suggested by way of Bloomberg in response to nameless sources. It will be within the new iTunes model imaginable for a tune to share with a chum, who then can hear without spending a dime. Apple would have for the time being with quite a lot of file labels in talks to do it they get. Even Twitter and Fb may be built-in additional into iTunes.

Bloomberg‘s sources also confirm a totally new design, something that previous rumors have already pointed out. The completely new iTunes would be the end of the year are revealed.

The moment you all through Ping previews of 90 seconds with most others. Through your songs to complete our friends to send it can be tempting to do this, so the risk is possibly greater the number that your friend buys later. It only means that record companies have their first song on iTunes or f
ree to the recipient must be heard.

This is certainly not the first time we hear about a completely new version of iTunes: in 2011 we wrote that Apple will get 11 a complete facelift, including deep integration icloud. In June this rumor was further emphasized by new sources, who spoke of a new iTunes Store, App Store and iBookstore. Bloomberg’s sources now throwing oil on the fire by the update for iTunes, the biggest change since the publication in 2003 called.

How Twitter and Facebook right in iTunes 11 integrated is not yet clear. At the moment the social networks you already use an app or song to share with friends. It is likely that social networks play an important role in the new part function in music, taking a full song to a friend let hear. The chance that this will happen with Ping He appears to have quite small: according to AllThingsD, Apple’s music social network does not return in the next version of iTunes.

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