Itunes announcement Apple innovates in its communication. On the home page of its site, it invites users to come back tomorrow around 16 hours for a sensational announcement.

The timing of the announcement is somewhat surprising, given that Apple has a special event dedicated to music. It comes at a time when streaming is about to exceed the download while Spotify has still not been launched in the United States.

Apple Will she finally unveil its strategy for cloud? The acquisition of LaLa almost a year ago has still not materialized. Lately, he murmured that Apple was working on a similar service to Spotify, but also that it was very little progress.

Finally, remember that the California company recently informed its partners that the preview was listening to a song from 30 to 90 seconds.

And you, what are your predictions?

Note that this message does not appear only on the U.S. Apple site, it is also visible on the declination of Canada and Japan, but is not present on the site French, English and German from Apple. Should we see a sign that tomorrow's announcement will not affect everyone, at least initially?

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