A brand new patent filed by using Apple unveils a observe on the functioning of a possible future online music service . The idea is to store on the iPhone (or other mobile device) of very short excerpts from each of the audio files stored online.


This would have a double advantage. First, that of the place since the pieces do appear only partially. Then they could start playing immediately while the rest would have time to be retrieved from the cloud. Same thing if you change abruptly chip without the application having had the opportunity to store the new title in the cache, its reading would start immediately rather than after a delay of connection and download.

The patent is illustrated with a diagram of iTunes provided a new option "Partial Sync Music" or not to activate this procedure. In the manner of a Spotify we would have a library of songs stored partly in full and legible without a network connection and all others need to be 3G or Wi-Fi Mention is also made in the interface the type of connection desired minimum.



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