Apple could neatly have signed with Warner Song, EMI Song and Sony and almost definitely quickly with Common Song, his move to launch a web-based tune carrier just isn’t over says Peter Kafka at All Things Digital. After the majors, a second branch recently opened negotiations, this time with the management companies of copyright.

Like the majors, they have their say on the use made of music. The majors own the rights to the recordings, others involved – among others – check the use made of these pieces and to collect and remit royalties to artists. These companies depend to some of the majors, but an agreement with a party is not necessarily true with the second.

Contacts Kafka explains that Apple has just started talking to these editors, the majors have been run first. The only issue to be settled is the amount that Apple is willing to pay for that service users can store their music online and access them from different computers and mobile devices.

Apple has already had to deal with this dual principle of bargaining when she wanted to spend 30 to 90 seconds previews of songs on iTunes. The majors have given the green light, but further negotiations have been initiated before this innovation is introduced (on the U.S. iTunes Store).

At the time he had spent a month between these discussions and the availability of the first excerpts to 90 seconds. With the developer conference that starts on June 6, Apple offers an important window for a major announcement. However, the menu of the official WWDC as future versions of Mac OS X and IOS, nobody will claim him not talking music.

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