Apple iTunes Match to delete database on 26 September 26th – iOS 5 GM early next week?


Apple has warned builders that they icloud recordsdata from iTunes In shape on Monday, September twenty sixth  could be reset. This is similar as closing week,  Apple introduced that the iCloud backup would be unable to restore from it, it wil be deleted. Both measures are related to the preparations for iOS 5 fimware. It does not mean that iOS might also be immediately made available after September 26th. First, there is an iOS 5 GM (Gold Master) that should appear, a final trial in which all the problems have been solved.


We believe that this is a further preparatory step for the Golden Master version.It should be planned to be fitted in September 26, the new devices the company with the Foxconn iOS 5 GM. Both points to the fact that Apple will distribute the iOS 5 GM in the coming week to the developers.The final release of iOS 5 is probably going to take place on October 4th or a precise date will be announced.

Are you a developer and you have already participated in iTunes Match , then the music at 9:00 pm Pacific Time will be deleted. Local music on your computer back up, just keeps preserved. iOS 5 is expected in early October, around the same time a supposedly media event is planned. Apple's  date of October 4th has not been confirmed.

iTunes Match is one of the new features of iOS 5 firmware. You can set the music you've purchased elsewhere / downloaded for $ 25 a year to convert to 'official' iTunes songs. You have the same rights and opportunities that music buyers on iTunes too. For now iTunes will only match in the U.S. started because regionally restricted license rights.


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