iTunes Match First Signs in iOS 5 Settings and iTunes


Up to now we had been the usage of iTunes suit reports and the service described in detail.So far, should the matching service will be launched in late October in the U.S. and go to the end of the year, International at the start.Apparently the negotiations with the various record companies and music publishers are more advanced than previously thought.


For a short time was in the iTunes Store is the menu item "match iTunes Coming Soon" and additionally discovered could also find different iOS 5 users in the settings of the music app for iTunes match the switch.

The menu above point during the day but was again removed from the iTunes Store. Then an information page will open iTunes on Match, which briefly describes the service and gives the user an idea about the functionality.So far, users in Austria, Australia, Canada, Germany, Ireland and Great Britain on the "Coming Soon" notice in iTunes have been reported.


An activation of the switch in the settings of the music app is currently only possible with a developer account or else you will receive an invitation to sign up with iTunes for the service.However, the associated iTunes version 10.5.1 is still in beta phase and match the iTunes menu item is onlyin the U.S. Apparently at least the matching service in the U.S. is nearing publication.But also in Germany could match iTunes are in the starting holes.Recent events suggest in any case quite then.


In contrast to the free digital cloud icloud Apple will charge for the matching service money. In the U.S. iTunes match is available for$ 24.99 a year. 


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