iTunes memers are Apple’s most valuable asset



iTunes members with Apple ID account exceeded 500 million people, analysts say the company Morgan Stanley. In this case, Apple’s user base is growing rapidly and the end of the year may reach 600 million people.

According to calculations by Katy Huberty, at the end of last year, Apple ranked second after Facebook (1,56 billion), the total number of active accounts. Behind her are far behind Amazon (200 million), Zynga (180 million), PayPal (123 million), eBay (112 million), Pandora (66 million) and Netflix (29 million). It is noteworthy that the iPhone maker earns more users than any other IT-companies – an average of $ 329 per person. For this indicator, it is ahead of Amazon ($ 305) and eBay ($ 125).


Account users Apple ID, which is tied credit card – the most valuable asset of Apple and key to the future growth of the company are the new services and the services it can offer to them, speak to Morgan Stanley. Corporation of Cupertino can monetize the audience, tying the “electronic wallet” for credit cards, which users pay for purchases in iTunes. As a result, if the iPhone will Module NFC, smartphone can replace a credit card at a regular store.


Some other choice may be to monetize the launch of a tune streaming provider, “iRadio”. In line with rumors, the American laptop electronics large has already signed a licensing settlement with Warner Song Crew, and the legitimate launch of the carrier is also held all over the WWDC on June 10.

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