iCloud looks pretty nice but it lacks one feature still in great demand by users. Which? Thestreaming video, of course. For indeed, if one may use the new solution for Apple to computerize our music library or our documents, we can not enjoy our films. Finally, it is not entirely accurate since it would seem that the organization is about to launch a new tool: iTunes ReplayAnd with it, we may be able to enjoy all our movies streaming , and this both on our Apple TV as our iDevices. Although we hear about for a while but this new tool could land very soon.


Small band of bastards … Do not bother to deny it, you inevitably think of all the movies stream mugs on Megaupload and Rapidshare . This is obvious because it's the first thing a Geek will think when he goes to find the words "film" and "streaming" in a single sentence. I'm so shocked, really so shocked. No, but joking aside, know that it's not dirty and you are certainly not the only ones to be thinking. No, and no doubt the engineers of the bitten apple did not fail to think about it either.

This is why iTunes Replay , if any, will only work with movies purchased from the iTunes Store.Indeed, if we are to believe the guys AppAdvice , then Apple could allow all customers to dostreaming with all movies purchased from his shop. Finally all, not really, since only those purchased since 1st January 2009 may benefit from this new tool. The trick pretty cool, though, is that thi
s incredible tool would suffer no limit 
(well, actually, this is not correct, it could be limited to five "views" per film) and could thus enjoy on our Apple TV, of course, but also on our iPhone and iPad. Genre you have there, to pick up on your couch and you just hop you watch quietly in Choristes sleeping off your bad wine.

And waits for the best is yet to come. According to the same source, iTunes Replay could tumble in the market in the coming weeks , and then out along iOS 5 or better, than the iPhone 5. Maybe this new service will be the "one more thing" the next Apple Keynote, go figure. So good, for sure, personal, I would have much preferred that the tool is modeled on the operation of icloud for our music libraries, but no doubt we will eventually find a loophole to exploit to enjoy the movies holiday Uncle Teddy on all our iDevices but have no need to be connected on the same network.

Note: It should be noted nonetheless that we hear about iTunes Replay since … um … two plus two … one … at least multiplied by the chest of Loana … yes, that's right, since 2009!That said, this time, it seems that the closer you get more of its release and it's still a good thing! Mind you, it was also said that two years ago so good …


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