iTunes-Icon-updateWith the iTunes update, it is no longer possible accept payment info on older versions of iOS, macOS and the Apple TV software. iTunes functions also expire on Windows.

This is not such a good news for people that are still using older version of iOS, macOS or tvOS, they will have to be quick to update their payment information, because after Saturday it will no longer possible without the update.

These are fairly old versions: iOS 4.3.5 appeared in 2010-2011 when the iPhone 4 was the top device. Apple TV software 4 appeared 2nd generation at the time of the Apple TV, but you can still update it to Apple TV software 6.2.1. macOS 10.8.5 is a subversion of Mountain Lion and is the youngest in the aforementioned list.

  • iOS 4.3.5 or earlier
  • macOS 10.8.5 or earlier
  • Apple TV software 4.4.4 or earlier

If you are among those who have an old device on your device, head on to the Apple website to download the latest iTunes or update your payment info. According to Apple, these measure has to do with safety. The company wants to make sure that your financial information is well protected if you make purchases in iTunes or in the App Store.

Changes have also been introduced for people with a somewhat older Windows computer. Since May 25, computer users with Windows XP or Windows Vista can no longer make purchases from the iTunes Store. They can not re-download previous purchases. The same applies to people who still have a first generation Apple TV. PC users will have to update to Windows 7 and later. For owners of a first generation Apple TV there is no solution available, they will have to do without iTunes purchases.

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