– IPhone 3G Jailbreak 4.0 and IOS (any method is better) I have ultrasn0w.

– USB Cable.

– PS3 with firmware 3.41, no less no more. (If you forget about the latest version, at least for now) (If you have an older version you have to search the Internet and install the firmware from a memory stick formatted FAT32 and putting the Fimrware at the root of it, NO UPDATE ONLINE, and you put the 3.42 version which comes with the hole plugged.)


Process on the iPhone:

step 1 – Open Cydia, find and install the following package afc2add "in the repo Modmyi.com

step 2 – Delay the day to September 2 the date of the computer.

step 3 – Install Idro, is simple, just connect to usb and give the iphone Shoot, be patient and let it do its job. When you are ready to stay in the boot menu, where it says iBoot, with the power you choose which system you want as the tactile system is disabled in the boot and the square button you confirm the charge of it, giving it go until you see the highlighted option "Install" spindle and then waiting again.

After two icons really one of the manazana and the other with the symbol of Android, you have these two systems installed on your mobile, if you're curious about Android tear it out and take a look because later in this tuto we're going to load, if booting to turn it off is the round button below the left in the Android is a lot like Sync.

After shutting down choosing the Delicious apple (moment of tension to see that everything loads well and we've charged  nothing ), We may leave the icon to connect to itunes. Plug the iPhone to the PC and opened again and we give iPhonedroid "Exit recovery mode" and the iPhone will start normally. For me this has happened but I do not if you put it happens.

step 4 – Connect to cyberduck (or the program you use) with the phone and IOS 4.0 operating system.Copy the files inside the folder 0.1.tar Psf-iphone-in / private / var and give permissions 777. (I think this step is not necessary but since I have been doing several tests, I put just as I did for sure it comes out, anyway if anyone is encouraged to experiment and share edit, and remove this step)

step 5 – Copy the two files within the folder to the iphone psfreedom private / var and overwrites them.(Officially, we just load the installation of Android, we return a bit more free ps3  .)

step 6 – Copy the backup manager to the root of a USB memory stick formatted FAT32 for the play to recognize it.

Iphone – PS3:

step 1 – Iphone standing in the boot with Android selected and connected to the console with the USB cable. Remove the power cord to the console. Back to connect (it seems a bit silly but if you do not go). Right now the LED console with red and standing on iBoot iphone.

step 2 – Give the square of the iPhone to boot Android and hope to put online all the time INIT (going from top to bottom as those listed eternal msdos when making a DIR).

step 3 – Turn it on and press EJECT like a mouse making a triple-click (the first times I repeated the triple click four times to make sure, then trying it with one in my desk enough, but yours may vary, test ) then let the iPhone boot when you see four or five lines that occupy the entire screen (full width), said some of unregistered PSFreedom Gadget driver "or something like that then disconnect the USB cable from the console and then connect it again ( in that it takes you 1 second is to remove and put the cable) (you like about 4 or 5 seconds to do, do not worry, but when you stop the text and can make a move, however with practice and you will no problems, do so before you start the console system, if you do so and puts you "usb unknown" in the boot of the console is that you have not done well repeat the process.

When starting in the Games section of the console have to put aap_home and install packages. If not repeat.

step 4 – To put the usb pen that contains the backup manager Go to Install Packages and install the backup manager. Now you're always on the menu of the console. If when starting the Backup Manager gives you an error with a numeric code that you do not have properly connected the iPhone to the console (with removing and putting the usb) I try again I went crazy until you find the problem.

step 5 – Start the Backup Manager, give circle to install a game and wait, then gets an original ps3 game (anyone but it takes forever) and choose the iso you want to boot, that you will return to the menu of the console gaming section it's like he put the original game to play, you select it and go.

Notes: The Iphone on when booting the console and load the system and you can remove and leave traced both buttons (Power and spindle to restart "by storm" and then you will leave once the sale of choice of operating system and you can choose Apple to get the phone operational again.

Every time you turn off your console will have to repeat the process if you want to play a backup. No need to power cycle the console to change the game just do it by booting the backup manager, the same with original games, not take any Game actulizacion when any game starts, that would leave the iso useless, I would have to dump it to disk hard, you just canceled, and of course do not play online. If you want to play online original and no risk of banning, usually turn on the console and then do whatever you want.

Any queries that you can solve in the forum or comments or does not extend much.


Download the package

Disclaimer: We don’t support or promote piracy in anyway. This article is purely for informational purposes only.

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