To run the jailbreak the brand new firmware four GM. This process will also be carried out handiest via iPhone 3G house owners   on the most recent firmware on hand instrument with out updating the baseband.



Device Needed:

iPhone 3G

Download Bundles amended before starting the jailbreak, link below

click the right mouse button in PwnageTool icon and click “Show Package Contents”

Revenue in Contents> Resources> FirmwareBundles and placed in this folder you just downloaded amended Bundle

Now you can proceed with the actual driving

ng>How to jailbreak:

  • Connect your device via USB and start PwnageTool
  • Click the OK button to continue
  • Select “Advanced Mode“and select your device and continue
  • Select the firmware 4 original GM previously downloaded and continue
  • Select “Global“to customize the firmware
  • To unlock select the “Activate Phone
  • You can now choose whether to add the repository in Cydia or continue with the default, continue
  • Select Cydia Installer and continue

You can now choose whether to change the logo of power to restore or keep the original ones. Not to change remove the check from the two specific items and then continue

Once these steps click on the heading in red “Create

During the preparation of a new custom firmware you will be asked for your password management system and the path on which to save the new custom firmware. Ipsw

If now display a blue screen where you are asked if you already Pwnato your device click the No button

You will now put your device into DFU mode using the usual procedure to find the end of the guide

Put the device in DFU mode you have to load your custom firmware through iTunes

Hold down the ALT key hours of the keyboard and click with the mouse button “Restore”in iTunes

Select the custom firmware 4 GM previously created. iTunes does the rest

End of procedure. You will now performed the Jailbreak your 3G device to the latest firmware update ve
rsion 4 without GM update the baseband!

Enter DFU mode:

To enter DFU mode you will not have to do is hold down the Home button and power button for 10 seconds.

After 10 seconds release the power button but without releasing the Home button until you see a white screen.

This will be appeared in DFU mode.

Owners of iPhone 3Gs alien:

Open Cydia and install Ultrasn0wessential for unlocking the phone part of your device.

Download GM original firmware 4.0

Download PwnageTool version 3.1.5

Download iTunes 9.2 on Mac

Obtain iPhone2,

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