With the discharge of iOS 5 Beta 6, the hacker iH8sn0w has updated its software  Sn0wbreeze to be compatible with the new firmware. The software to version 2.8 Beta 6 and allows the tethered jailbreak your device apples. Like previous versions, only those with an iPhone 3G former bootrom are fortunate to have a jailbreak untethered. The others will wait until the final version to go to the untethered.


This version does not provide new features, such as beta before it can hacktivism your device to bypass the Apple activation with UDID recorded on a developer account.Sn0wbreeze also removes the expiration date of the firmware, giving you all the time you want to test this beta and the sixth will not update your baseband.

Compatible devices are:

  • iPhone 3G [Old bootrom]
  •  iPhone 3G [New bootrom]
  •  iPhone 4 [GSM]
  •  iPhone 4 [CDMA]
  •  iPad 1
  •  iPod Touch 3G
  •  iPod Touch 4

Download Sn0wbreeze 2.8b6  for Windows.


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