Jailbreak iOS 5.1.1 to reinforce for iPhone 3GS and iPod contact 3G


Just right information for customers of an iPhone 3G or third technology iPod contact, ready for a jailbreak. The power Dev Crew hackers have not like past stories discovered a method to the subsequent jailbreak for iOS 5.1.1 also suitable for these two relatively older devices. Although the jailbreak has not been tested on all devices, it seems for now that the jailbreak will be suitable not only for the 3rd generation Apple TV.

The latest Apple TV shares, insufficient attack surface with the other devices that are based on IOS.More specifically, the jailbreak for 5.1.1 iOS been successfully tested on the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, 3rd and 4th generation iPod touch, original iPhone, Wi-Fi version of iPad 2, the Wi-Fi and CDMA version of the New iPhone (also known by the hacker iPad 3 shall be).

Devices that have been tested and guaranteed to work:

  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 4S
  • iPad 1
  • iPad 2 Wifi
  • iPad 3 Wifi
  • iPad 3 CDMA
  • iPod 3G
  • iPod 4G

Devices that have yet to be tested, but should work:

  • iPhone 3GS
  • iPad 2 GSM
  • iPad 2 CDMA
  • iPad 2 Wifi, R2
  • iPad 3 Global
  • Apple TV 2

Devices that won’t work:

  • Apple TV 3

The jailbreak for 5.1.1 iOS must (further) tested for the iPhone 3G on the GSM, CDMA and Wi-Fi revised version of the iPad 2 (with the S5L8942 as CPU), the international version of the New iPhone and the 2nd generation Apple TV. Was expected to jailbreak also suitable to be made ​​for these devices. The jailbreak is within a few weeks would be expected and can coincide with the Hack in the Box conference in Amsterdam.


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